About us

Vermako plastic greenhouses has 30 years of experience in the production, construction and assembly of plastic greenhouses, without restrictions in width or length.

We are a dynamic company that counts on its experience combined with enthousiasm, flexibility and passion.

Vermako forms a strong team that is motivated to continuously improve its product and is able to deliver high quality greenhouses which are tailored to the needs of our customers.

The production is managed and done by Vermako, which allows us to guarantee a perfect execution of a project with respect for leadtime and level of quality.

For the assembly of the greenhouses, we use our own means, we have our own machine park, for which we organise the transport and the delivery of the materials.

We can also offer tailored solutions in case you choose to build your own greenhouse.


Vermako Plastic Greenhouses started out of the interest in construction and technique by its founder and owner Jacques Maes.

Because the winter months on the farm were usually less busy, he started looking for an alternative to overcome the quite months. At first he contructed a greenhouse for himself, enabling earlier growth of salad and strawberries.

The next year he built another greenhouse, but this time for a friend farmer... and so it continued... the company grew steadily and in 2001 the first sales representative joined the company.

The Belgian market was slowing down, but there were opportunities across the border. Projects in France, the Netherlands and Germany followed quickly.

Our international customers, who had started investing across the borders of Europe, requested us to build models suitable for export. We took up the challenge and exported the first greenhouse to Ethiopia in 2005. Not much later other projects followed in Turkey, Tunisia, El Salvador, Equador, Czech Republic, Tenerife, Spain, … 

This is where we stand today, a company specialised in metal construction, offering its product, made to size, to customers worldwide.

Our product

Our construction consists of 4 main materials:  Zendzimir pipes, galvanised steel pipes, aluminium profiles and plastic film.

We offer 2 standard widths: 9.60m wide and 12.80m wide, but we can always offer any size the customer wishes. In Europe we mostly offer trusses with bars.

For the export market we offer the same widths, but with a pipe as a supporting beam.

The length of the greenhouse is determined by the compartment size. Standard sizes are 4m, 4.5m and 5m, depending on the level of snow load in the country or the kind of vegetable or fruit that is cultured in the greenhouse and its weight hanging from or burdening the structure and other factors.

In order to offer the cultured product everything it needs to obtain the best results, the plastic is carefully chosen or extra ventilation is installed if required.

We manage every assembly ourselves, according to the customers wishes, by means of our extended machine park.