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  • Jacques Maes, as founder and owner of the company, he has the knowledge to optimise your farm or horticulture. Having worked as a farmer himself for many years, he remains in close contact with the business and understands your needs.
  • Kim Maes, Jacques' youngest daughter takes care of the administrative and financial aspects of the business
  • Karl Maes, Jacques' youngest son takes care of commercial contacts. You can always send him an email. Karl started as an builder, he also managed production for a few years. He takes care of helping you to find the best solution.
  • Frederik Wittevrongel is responsible for the Industrial buildings, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact him.
  • Johan Bauwens is complementing Jacques Maes, especially in the field of innovation and technique. He has over 15 years of experience and is a technical specialist. He is responsible for on site measuring of lateral ventilation and tailored constructions.
  • Simon Bruyneel is the mounting supervisor. Because of his genuine interest in the construction of greenhouses, he knows what is required on the farm and ensures alll material is available in time.
  • Griet Vandeportaele has joined the technical team about 10 years ago, she has substantial experience with regards to calculations and design of greenhouses, who no longer have secrets for her.
  • Koen Haverbeke supports Griet, in the making of the technial drawings for greenhouses and other projects.
  • Mieke De Wever is responsible for all the export related matters within Vermako
  • Service If damage is found to your conservatory, by third parties or due to storms, we ask you to send an email with photos to Our team evaluates the situaton and we get started as quickly as possible.