Different options of finishing

None of Vermako's greenhouses is identical.  You can opt for concrete borders, tailor made doors, lateral ventilation, separation walls, birdproofing, a hall, a fridge, plastic foil, ...

The possibilities are endless, have a look here and don't hesitate to contact us if you wish to receive more information!

afwerking hall in combinatie met vermako serre


In order to make sure that your buildings and structures form an attractive assembly with your container field, greenhouse and possibly planting- and packingarea(s), we can also offer you complete halls which are finished with insulated wall- and roof panels.

afwerking serre vogelverschrikking


In order to prevent birds from spending their time on your greenhouse top or gutter, we can offer a system to prevent them from approaching these areas, ask for our bird proofing system.



Our lateral ventilation can be opened from the side of the greenhouse by means of a wall that can be rolled upwards or ventilations can be ensured by sliding the panels open. A sliding lateral ventilation can be placed in such way that the opening is in line with the ground level or a meter of foil can be placed on ground level as a fixed part, with the sliding lateral ventilaton above. There are lots of possibilities.



We combine both separation walls in plastic (single or dubble) and exterior walls with insulated wall or roof panels (on demand).

The separation walls can be both fix or moveable (possibility to roll them up).

afwerking serre deur in folie


Vermako offers a wide variation of tailor made doors, the doors are made out of aluminium profiles. We mainly work with doors which are hung up on rails enabling them to slide open.

The doors have standard dimensions of 4 by 4 meters. Height and width can variate from 1.5m to 5m and the doors can be build in 2 parts, this needs to be requested when you ask for a quotation.

The doors can be made either with single foil or dubble foil. If desired the doors can be finished with polycarbonate sheets.

afwerking serre betonplint


To obtain an optimal finish and also to protect your crops against ground frost, we place concrete plinthes or borders along the complete length and width of your greenhouse. The concrete plinthes are 12mm thick and 50 cm high. An aluminium profile in the concrete makes for an easy way to hold the plastic foil in place.

afwerking - folie leggen


All our greenhouses are covered with thermic anti-fog plastic between 0.18mm and 0.2mm thick, with a diffuse light transmission of 92% and a factory guarantee of 48 months in middle European climate.

The type of plastic we apply is determined in dialogue with the customer, taking into account the nature of the cultured product, enabling optimal conditions and allowing excellent growth as desired by the farmer.

All our greenhouses can also be covered with DUBBLE LAYER PLASTIC on the roof and/or on the lateral facades. This system has multiple advantages.

First of all, the loss of light is heavily reduced, because there is little to no condensation on the foil. Once the dubble foil is gonflated the insulation is instantly increased, reducing the heating cost with a mere 40%. Finally the dubble film also keeps the temperature inside the greenhouse more stable.

The plastic film can be adapted according to the plant or crop that is cultured, it will protect your product optimally against the negative external influences, and will create an ideal micro climate for the growth of your plants.

There are a number of factors which are important for every greenhouse foil: a high light transparancy, a long lifetime and good mechanical properties are crucial. This is possible because the foil undergoes different treatments, for example:


The additon of mineral fillers or co-polymers such as EVA prevents that long wave infrared radiation (warmth) escapes from the greenhoust. Thermic foils prefent in such manner a strong and sudden cooldown and reduce your heatingcosts.


Light transparancy is an essential characteristic of plastic greenhouse foils. It is however important to make a distinction between direct and indirect or diffuse light. Too much direct light can have a detrimental effect on the growth of the crop or plant, mainly in regions with a lot of intens sunlight. The addition of mineral fillers results in a broader and more equally spread of the light, this diffused light has a positive effect on the growth of your crops or plants.


Condensation drops are blocking a part of the (PAR)-light (upto 15%) and can damage crops or plants. The addition of special additives ensures that the condensation drips flow over de film and form a thin layer of water which flows along the sides of the greenhouse or tunnel. Result: more light enters the greenhouse.

UV-blocking/ Anti-Petal Blackening

Ultraviolet radiation doesn't always contribute to plant growth, in certain cases it can even damage the plant. By adding specific additives that block the UV-light the radiation is filtered by the film and does not enter into the greenhouse. An example, this helps to prevent the so called 'petal blackening'  an undesired discoloration of the leafs of roses.


The assembly can be executed according to the customers wish. We can build the greenhouse with our own means, but the customer can also choose to assemble the greenhouse himself. In the last case we do the measuring and the fondation related works, the construction can than be made by the customer.  When the construction is ready, we visit again to mount the plastic foil onto the structure, by means of our own machine suited for this job.

When a greenhouse is shipped across the borders of Europe, we send our supervisors to the constuction site, where they can advise the local personnel during the construction.