12.80 - Truss - Poly Ventilation


Span of 12.80m with 2 chapels of 6.40m

Width:           multiple of  12.80m
Length:          multiple of 4m or 5m (standard)
Height:            standard 4.5m - other heights are discussable


  • The base of the construction is the truss.
  • The trusses and pillars consist of rectangular tubes.
  • The gutters and ridge profiles are made of aluminium.
  • The bows, suppports and crosses are round tubes.
  • All metal parts are zendzimir galvanized accordding to DIN EN 10305.3/5 - Z 275.
  • The pillars and trusses are hot dip galvanized.

Poly Ventilation

Both sides of the roof can move separately.

The roof ventilation hinges to the gutter and is puched open by racks.

There can be an opening from 1.20m to 2m over the totallength of the chapels.

The 12.80m span is also very interesting towards automation, for example concerning the number of waterspray-arms. Because of the 2 chapels on the span, it's possible to create more variation in the way of ventilation. It depens a lot on the nature of the crop cultivated. 


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  • multifunctional roof
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