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Warehouses/ industrial buildings with the following dimensions:

Width: custom-size upto 60m
Length: in multiples of 5 or 6m
Column height: from 5.5m - headway of 4.5m - other heights are negotiable

See more: www.vermakocoversolutions.com


  • Base of the construction is a truss
  • Pillars consist of rectangular or profiled tubing
  • All metal parts are sendzimir according to EN 10305.3/5 – Z 275
  • Pillars and trusses are hot dip galvanized

Finishing options:

The roof and the side walls may be covered with single  isolated plates, treated with or without anti-fogging. Panels available in all RAL colors, see  WWW.RALKLEUREN.COM

Sliding doors and/or sectional gates are possible.

Finishing possible with concrete panels, (rollable) nets, ...